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Last Blog Post

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is my final blog post of the semester and probably for the foreseeable future. If someone was to tell me or my friends that I would be the author to a blog 3 months ago we both would not have believed them. Before taking this class I never really paid any attention to bloggers or blogging, to be honest I didn’t know what it was. Now I am a BLOGGER, not a very good one but a blogger none the less.

I now see how informative blogging can be, in fact I bet one would be hard pressed to find a topic that doesn’t have a blog. Who should be the Texans new head coach? there is a blog for that. Who has the the best chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of England? There is blog for that.

One can find information, stories and perceptions about a vast number of different subjects from people from all walks of life. I am taking a trip to Thailand in march and you can bet that I will search blogs about traveling to Thailand. What to bring what not to bring where to where not to go and so on.

Tourism Thailand


This class has educated me in blogging and no matter how old or how young someone is learning is NEVER a bad thing. Blog on Bloggers, I look forward to reading your insights in the future. Love Peace and Hair Grease!!!


A place to lay your head

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Need a place to stay in Austin? If so the ’04 has two very cool very “Austin” hotels to accommodate you, the San Jose Hotel and Hotel Saint Cecilia. The Hotel San Jose is an urban bungalow-style hotel located right on South Congress Avenue. The San Jose was built in 1936, has 40 bungalow-style rooms, a very hip modern court yard and a salt water pool. The San Jose also makes one of the best Micheladas I have ever had. Even if you are not staying there, grabbing one of their specialty drinks and listening to their DJ is never a bad idea. One other thing about the San Jose, in true Austin style dogs are always welcome.

The other very cool hotel in the ’04 is the Hotel Saint Cecilia. The Hotel Saint Cecilia is named after the saint of music and poetry. The Hotel is located just of South Congress Avenue and on a secluded estate. The Hotel has 14 rooms including five suites. All the rooms are different from one other each with antique furniture and stylish modern art. Each room has a record player and you can check out records up front from their extensive vinyl collection. According to their website “these accommodations take inspiration from the experimentation of sixties writers like William Burroughs the daring and extravagance of groups like the Stones in the early seventies and the defiance of convention embodied by artists like Miro and Warhol in the late fifties and early sixties.” The Saint Cecilia also has a beautiful pool surrounded with bean bag chairs, free bicycles for touring the city and an inviting lounge with a fireplace.

Both these hotels aren’t cheap but then again everyone should treat themselves once in a while.

1st Thursday

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…What is 1st Thursday you ask? Well 1st Thursday is what some might consider a type of block party that stretches about ½ a mile along South Congress Avenue. This party or gathering takes place the 1st Thursday of every month. Most of if not all the shops, stores, bars and restaurants partake. Some of the shops have special sales and some even offer free drinks. Local artists and designers can also be found selling their products. 1st Thursday is a very cool event and every Austinite should check it out a least once. Some shops and resturants that particpate in 1st Thursday

Goorin Bros
South Congress Cafe